Breast Augmentation Using Natural Fat Is it an Option For You?

Procedure Details

Some patients desire breast augmentation, but are concerned about problems related to breast implants. Capsular contracture, an “artificial look”, risk of breast implant illness and/or BIA ALCL are all legitimate concerns, resulting in a decline in breast implant rates in the USA currently. Breast Augmentation using your own fat, otherwise known as “fat transplantation to the breast” or “Natural Breast Augmentation”, is a technique that was pioneered by Dr Daniel Del Vecchio. He has performed thousands of large volume fat transplantation cases, and published the first scientific study on fat grafting to the breast using data to demonstrate volume retention. Fat is harvested from unwanted areas using liposuction and is inserted into the breasts using techniques such as Expansion Vibration Lipofilling, which Dr Del Vecchio has invented. These procedures usually take about one hour to perform in selected patients. Contact us at 617-262-8528 to set up a consultation!


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