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About Composite Implants

In some cases, a fat transfer alone does not offer the exact results you wish for so you may opt for breast implants. Even so, implants may still not be enough to attain the specific and natural aesthetic you desire. By combining composite breast implants and a fat transfer, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio can help you attain the sexy, volumized look you've been longing for. This approach is called composite breast augmentation. During this procedure, the implant is inserted first and then the fat tissue is strategically placed to fill in specific areas that need more volume. This is an excellent option if you currently have breast implants but want to enhance your size by a half cup or are thinking about breast augmentation for the first time. To learn more, schedule a consultation at Back Bay Plastic Surgery in Boston, MA.

Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates for composite breast augmentation should be in good overall health with no history of abnormal bleeding. We recommend patients stop smoking before surgery to expedite their healing process. At your consultation in Boston, MA, Dr. Del Vecchio or a member of the Back Bay Plastic Surgery team will discuss realistic expectations for the outcome of your procedure. We will also help determine if composite breast augmentation or another breast surgery will best help you achieve the look you are aiming for. 

Surgical Technique

The surgical technique used for composite breast augmentation is similar to standard breast augmentation surgery in terms of breast implant placement, incision types, and the ability to choose your size, profile, and implant type. The primary difference includes the process of harvesting fat through liposuction to be used for the fat transfer portion of the augmentation. The fat will be removed with a cannula from the predetermined area and placed in a special machine where it will be separated and prepped for use. Once the implant portion of your surgery is complete, the purified fat will be injected into the breast to increase volume naturally and help you achieve the natural, sexy look you dream of. 

What to Expect

When Dr. Del Vecchio's expertise with breast fat transfer and standard augmentation technique is combined during this procedure, the result is a better lift, long-lasting results, and sexy, natural-looking breasts that you will be proud to show off. Other benefits of composite breast augmentation with fat transfer include a slimmer appearance where fat was taken for the transfer. Recovery from your surgery could last weeks to months, during which time you will wear compression garments and rest as much as possible. The Back Bay Plastic Surgery team will let you know when it is safe to begin gentle exercise, such as walking, and when you can return to work. When your swelling has subsided and your incisions have healed, you will enjoy stunning results.

Customized Breast Surgery

Breast augmentation is a life-changing procedure that shouldn't be limited to techniques that simply don't help you meet your goals. If you are considering breast-enhancing surgery but haven't found a technique that seems right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Del Vecchio in Boston, MA at Back Bay Plastic Surgery. We are proud to provide a great number of body contouring procedures that truly help you achieve your overall aesthetic goals.

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