Back Bay - Rachel Breastimonial - Boston, MA

Rachel discusses her experience with breast augmentation at Boston Breast Center


My name's Rachel, and I decided to have breast augmentation surgery through the auxiliary, through my armpit. And I was really nervous at first. I looked around, I really wanted it for about a year. I thought about it for a while, and I waited until the time was right when I had some vacation time. And I looked around at a lot of doctor's websites, and I went and see to see Dr. D. He had the best credentials. He went to Harvard, and he went to Columbia, and he went to Yale. And so, I thought that was the best option. He was the one I liked the best, and he made me feel really comfortable. We talked about my size, he helped me what was right for me given my body type, and my shoulder with, and my height and my weight. And I was really happy with the decision. And I was really nervous at first. But after the surgery, it was a rough couple of days, and then I felt a lot better after. And I'm glad I did it. And I was really happy with the results.