Back Bay - Patricia Testimonial: Fat Grafting to the Breast - Boston, MA

Patient of Dr Del Vecchio's who had Natural Breast Augmentation with Fat Transplantation tells about her long term results. Patricia's case was difficult but her and Dr. Del Vecchio worked hard at maintaining the best results. Natural Breast Augmentation patients maintain their volume after 4 months, with the longest patients out over 5 years at this point.


Hi, my name's Patty. I chose Dr. Del Vecchio through the Mass General Clinic, and he said that he could take my case.

The surgery I had is reconstructive surgery, fat grafting to the left breast. I was born with Poland syndrome, which one of the breasts was larger than the other, much larger than the other. He told me that he could help me with this. Kind of a waited a long time for this. I didn't want to have implants done, I wanted to do this the natural way. So, I had a few setbacks with surgery, but all in all, I mean, we're still going forward and I'm getting very excited about the results. I have another surgery coming up on Friday.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Del Vecchio, to anybody. He's a great doctor, he's a perfectionist. He's really helped me through the surgery and I stop smoking.